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Unexciting, bland. A person, place, object, or color
His brown leisure suit was incredbily borgy.

My uncle's comb-over is the borgiest haircut ever.
by Andrew Rakaczki May 17, 2004
An orgy amongst the Borg (from the Star Trek universe).
"We are the Borg. Lower your trousers and surrender your brassieres. We will add your biological and technological concupiscence to our own. Your culture will adapt to service our Borgy. Resistance is futile."
#borg #star trek #orgy #sex party #cyborg fetish #technofetish #android fetish #assimilation #resistance is futile #borg orgy #technosexuality
by Buster T. Foodcube February 28, 2012
An orgy on a boat
Boat orgy. Gathering of people to have group relations on a seaworthy vessel
I'm going to have a borgy this weekend
#boatorgy #borgee #group orgy #borgie #boargy
by Swingerette September 05, 2013
When you start dancing with a lot of random people at the bar; somewhat like an orgy at the bar/dance floor.
Man, how was that borgy last night? Were you in on it?
#sex #booty #hoe #tag #bag #drag
by whatitdo1234567890 November 02, 2009
An orgy of boring

ex. Old people in a nursing home, eating vanilla ice cream while watching paint dry.What a borgy of borginess

The movie "Sideways"
#borgy #boregy #borgyness #borginess #boring
by Bryan Dawson March 17, 2006
Also known as a "black orgy". A borgy usually only happens when a black male just gets out of a fight, and needs some lovin from his female counter-part. The female's friends usually join in because the female feels a little in-secure by herself.
Tyrece: Baby, I just got out of a big gang fight, I need some sexual healing.
Tatiana: Okay, sugarlips, would it be okay if I invite a couple of friends?
Tyrece: Yeh, Yeh, sounds fun.
*Tatiana calls some friends, and they end up having a "borgy"*
#orgy #g-attack #wiggeh #orgasam #horny #sex #black sex
by Chris Naugle September 15, 2006
Noun, From the Origanal Wolf Man Borgy! Also known as Logan! This is the most dangerous type of jew! BWARE!!
Oh fcuk borgys eatin sum1!
Man borgys beards big!!
Is that a MULF??
by MattyC January 10, 2005
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