a whore who is a self proclaimed stud.
"dude that guy has fucked like half the school"
"wow what a borges"
by lesson1 January 07, 2010
Usually very hairy and proud of it. Is a red one who spends most of his day drinking beer and scratching his crutch. Watch out for deep voice and scary face expressions!!
Those huge muscles are soo Børge!
by douchenka February 07, 2010
to eat just because one is bored. See gorge and bored.
"....Man, let's borge."
by cooey November 28, 2005
1. One who's shirt does not cover the lower reaches of ones belly.
2. Prone to wearing shirts too small for ones girth. See also tyson}
1. Careful around that borge, it looks like his shirt could tyson at any moment.
by tyson January 28, 2003
the male counterpart of "cameltoe"
OMG...don't look now, but that guy's borge is off the hook!
by FunkyChic December 04, 2007

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