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A freaking awesome game. 4 player Coop or alone. If you have save data from the original Borderlands, you get stuff for your Borderlands 2 characters. Classes:
Zer0: Assassin. Has a Decepti0n skill that turns you invisible for a short time.
Salvador: Gunzerker. Has a skill tree that makes you available to Gunzerk.
Axton: Commando. Similar to Roland from Borderlands 1. Has a skill tree that makes you deploy a Sabre Turret.
Maya: Siren. Has a Phaseblast skill tree that temporarily removes an enemy from the fight, allowing you to focus on their allies.

Guy 1: Oh man i am so excited for the release of Borderlands 2!
*guy buys the game*
Guy 2: Does it include all characters?? I wanna be Krieg.
Guy 1: Yeah me too and that's a yes.
by Anti-JokeChicken (My PSN) January 15, 2014
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