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(n.) the Canadian equivalent of the American term Benjamins. Referring to Robert Borden who appears on the Canadian 100 dollar bill.
"then that sub-g pulled out a wad of Bordens like two inches thick yo. I swear to god he was a burbsta!"
by E-wreckshun January 24, 2004
a super sexy blonde boy that resembles a homo but has had more action than you could ever hope to have
Listen girl, dont be hating the borden just because he is prettier than you.
by mofoin hottie! May 13, 2006
Bore and burden
Ann's job at the nursing home is a borden, but she is payed well enough that she doesn't quite her job.

Steve has become hopelessly lost in the World of Warcraft and it has become a borden to the family.

Fido is becoming a borden, because he is too old and fat to take on walks anymore.
by Krusty B March 27, 2010
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