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Said when feeling triumphant, or courageous.

(see Booyah!!!1For many, many more definitions.)
I won the bet! You owe me $3000! Booyah!!
by Aaron W. February 20, 2003
A exclamation used when a males genitalia are removed from a female orifice smaller than the genitals creating a suction and subsequent popping sound.
*Black man pops his balls out of some girls butthole and shouts*

by TheManDanIsCool May 23, 2005
1.) Another form of exclaiming, "Take that!", "In yo face!", or "Haha, I have you wrapped around my little finger."

2.) To be pwned.
1.) So, I'm making you go to my party and you WILL like it. Like BOO YAH!

2.) BOO YAH! I win, sucka.
by SpazzySpazz March 03, 2009
A phrase meaning joy
Booyah i won!
by Jewish April 01, 2003
Expression of happiness, spirit, passionate, pride, etc.
Thanks, Man! BOOYAH!
by nengbuyah July 03, 2011
An exclamation of complete victory. When said in the face of the loser it solidifies that victory and ensures it is everlasting.
A terrible colleague of yours gets fired and as she tells you about it you raise both hands and say, “booyah!”
by booyah matzo June 21, 2012
Used in gloating over one's victory to one's rival(s), as in this slang term: "You don't want any of this," or simply "You don't want none" for a grammatical ~twist~.

Derivative of the simple (Mandarin specifically) phrase "Bu yao," which directly translates to "don't want."

Synonymical slang phrases may include: "In your face," "Suck it," or you could even try "Boom, that just happened."

"Take that biotch," "what else you gotz," and "eat uh d" are also in the same vein.

Sometimes pronounced boolyah depending on vernacular interpretation, and often spelled booya.

Note: If actually spoken in Mandarin, and understood without slang, it would mean that you personally didn't want any of what's currently being offered. Ex: "Yao bu yao __blank__?" -> "Do you want or not want __blank__?" Answer: "Bu yao" -> "Don't want."
Example: You dig up a copy of Golden Eye and play it with your old high school nerds, erm... friends. After they've been guarding the armor all game long trying to be cheesy, you somehow prevail at the last moment with the game winning kill, and scream "BOOYAH!" Then alternate finger-pointing between their faces and the screen, just so they know you know they know you know you're purposefully and tactically being a douche.
by EstebanBonapart November 28, 2011