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1. Noun
The Purest Definition of a Barbarian Warrior. Skilled, Brutal, and Masters of Beard-Have. Often waded into the thick of battle drunker than that cheerleader when she blew you at that party, and yet still managing to take down entire football teams of frightened peasants. again, not unlike the cheerleader.

2. Verb
To demolish an individual at something, and proceed to nail their girlfriend.
Dave: Yo, did you see that guy shotgunning entire bottles of vodka and eating a whole roast pig?
Rick: yeah, i saw that.
Dave: Fucking vikings man.

Dave: Yo Rick, you look terrible.
Rick: Yeah, Sven kicked my ass at all the bar games, and then he banged Samantha RIGHT THERE!
Dave: he beat you at Foozball?
Rick: Yeah, i got Viking'd pretty bad.
Dave: damn, how do you feel?
Rick: Irish.
by Robocarnage February 22, 2010

To give someone shit for being up on or aware of some sort of alternative subculture or underground movement as if sharing information and/or information about that subject is some sort of bullshit douchebag behaviour
dude - "Man, Rick was hitting me with some serious Hipshame d last night!"
bro - "about what?"
dude - "I was talking about craft beer and post-punk and he was like 'quit being an asshole and just listen to weezy and drink bud'"
bro - yeah, well, he's an assclown.
by robocarnage September 04, 2012
The sound of a planet kerploding due to massive levels of awesome.
Superman punches Goku in to a meatgrinder for massive damage


the earth is no more.
by robocarnage November 25, 2009
Pronounced; (shotgun headshot) Boo-Yah

The sound one makes after a sound whooping is administered in the most surgical of formats. Generally follows Shotgun Mouthwash, Shoryuken, Rocket Launchers, Kung Fu, Mortal Kombat, and other things where, afterwards, your opponent is seriously messed up.
A man bursts out of a door, and blows away a terrorist with a twelve-gauge


kicks corpse down flight of stairs.
by robocarnage November 25, 2009
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