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Booty meat is the flesh that gives the ass it's wonderful (or hideous) shape.

The part of the ass that creates the canopy for the back of the thighs.
Man, look at the booty meat on Vida Guerra
by DarkLordMurph November 18, 2004
possibly the stupidest way of describin a broad with a nice ass, booty was better, came from the song booty meat by soulja boy
girl shake dat booty meat
dat booty meat
dat booty meat
dat booty meat
by arabthug121 August 23, 2007
meat on rear end; the extra flesh that is on your buttox.
The hoe had alot of booty meat.
Damn! Thats alot of booty meat.
by breez1 May 03, 2008
When a girl has a big booty
Damn did u see dat girl wit all dat booty meat?
by Diane Gilliard March 19, 2008
The jiggly part of a girls butt.Usually preferred on girls with large butts.
Oh man, dude look at the bootymeat on that sexy girl.
by Tito Gallon February 27, 2008
a girl wit a nice/big ass
"Gurl Shake Dat Bootymeat All Up On Me Soulja Boy
Up In This Thang Cum An Hang Wit Me Im Ya H Boom Coon Champaign Wit Me"
~Soulja Boi~
by dd boadu March 06, 2008
a booty out this mutha fucken world
that booty meat hit the fucken floor
by dfhadsufh March 16, 2007
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