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1. describe an event that didn't go as planned or badly.

2. cancer of the ass.
1. -my dad yelled at me for being sick.

-wtf that's booty cancer. :(

2.doctor- the tests came back positive for booty cancer.
by Infernal Isolation March 05, 2009
A word used to describe a girl's gluteus maximus that has an oddly shape to it and usually possesses strange lumps, bumps, dipples, crevices and right angles. This type of asymmetric and disproportioned ass is almost always seen as unattractive to an onlooker.
Male 1: Hey, did you see Sam in her new corteroid pants?

Male 2: Unfortunately yes, her ass appeared like it had booty cancer, I nearly threw up.
by EmceeOnslaught December 15, 2009