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One who has entered one or more booty pageants and was judged and crowned the winner.
I'll have you know I was a booty queen in my younger days.

Basil: Janelle has won tons of pageants!
Tonya: Yeah she's a real booty queen!

Miss Assachusetts was a prime example of a booty queen.
by chopswood January 09, 2011
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A Booty Queen is a spicy fun woman, down-to-earth goddess, sexy muse, beautiful bombshell; who is open minded, has no taboo, and love: playful games, fun massages, and booty pigs.
Last night on my first date with Sarah, right after we kissed, she takes off her juicy panties and put them in my jacket pocket: She such a Booty Queen.
by Taboojie January 19, 2017
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