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The act of one of your pets sitting on the floor and dragging its anus (booty) pleasurably along the ground.
My dog did the boot scoot across my carpet, and then walked back and sniffed it!
by Big Poppa April 07, 2005
Bootscoot- The term Bootscoot refers to a fast escape, often performed as rag time is played.
Or a quick shuffling style of dance, performed by a drunk father.
Also any style of nonsensical expression of movement whilst donning any caliber of foot covering that has 15 or more eyelits. Such as tap dancing while wearing steel toed boots
Joejack's father bootscooted for hours against Jimmydan's father and neither were victor.
My husband bootscooted when I asked him to pay the electric bill.
by Jothewaiter February 12, 2011
Needing to travel in a hurry (in use, it's understood that the "technical" definition is when a dog drags its anus along the floor; implying a sense of reckless irreverance to the haste)
If we're gonna make the 8:00 showing, we gotta boot scoot!
by Y3Kready March 24, 2008
Stealing a girl's shoes & leaving while she's in the bathroom, after a one night stand.
I pulled a Boot Scoot on that skank last night, then parked across the street & watched her leave the motel in her socks.
by FrontButt! September 14, 2003
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