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To exaggerate something that you have or something you've done.
Man he boostin his stats talkin bout he hit a different chick every day.
by Mon Man June 13, 2008
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To tell a lie.
Sam says: Yo i got a new bike
Mark says: Quit boostin u just polished your old one.
by Waste mon September 15, 2009
to steal; moving quickly, but less so then when one is tillin; also can mean that you are driving a supercharged car
Is that whip supercharged? Yea, he is boostin! Didn't you see his license plate?, its BOOST3D-- sounds more to me like he plays too many video games
by C Lehmann October 29, 2008
Means when you are in the mall and you take some other guys girl away from him.
Just came back from the mall. Were you boostin? Yea i boosted 3 times.
by aEro 5-10 January 18, 2011
To increase speed suddenly. A La Super Mario Kart.
We were neck and neck till Luke started boostin
by Jake Jacobs June 03, 2004

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