Pornography term similar to the 'Money Shot'. At the end of a porno film where the male climaxes, usually an aimed effort in the facial area of the co-star.
"Hey champ! I was watching this sick gonzo porn last night and you should have seen the Booos!"

"I meet this chick at the club, took her home and.... BOOOS!"
by Drew Scott February 10, 2006
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The sound a crowd makes when upset. To make such a noise is to boo.

Can be told from the noise made when scaring someone (boo!) by its 3(+) O's.
DiggityMan: And that, dear friends, is why we must collect the garbage twice (two times) each week.

Trash Collection Committee: Booo!
by Diggity Monkeez April 18, 2005
ghost, person jumps out and shouts booo

when a person get happy slapped round the chin chinolaeveryone else shouts booo. as in shame u smelly poo face chin
booo you just got happy slapped, u poo face chin
by MrW February 02, 2005

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