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A word usually describing some kind of joyous action, feeling, or emotion. There are many word forms that you may use Boonzing.

Noun- Usually used in the question form being asked for a Boonzing. This is usually used when looking for a mood enhancer.

Verb- Used when someone does something Boonzing worthy! The action is usually a good action unless used after the word not.

Adjective- Used to describe a noun that is great! It can describe anything from a book to a video game.

Adverb- Used to describe some kind of verb. This form isn't normally used but can be in certain situations.
Noun- Me- "Can I get a Boonzing?" You- "BOONZING!"

Verb- "I Boonzinged with my friends yesterday!"

Adjective- "That is a Boonzing worthy game!"

Adverb- "He Boonzinginly walked down the street."
by Duhmensionz February 03, 2011
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Drinking down multiple bottles of Boone's Farm America's Original in a leisurely fashion usually resulting in high levels of intoxication.
I just got my pay check, so let's head over to TigerMart and buy 9 bottles of Boone's Farm. We're boonzing it the fuck up tonight bro!
by Chuck G-Money December 09, 2007
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