dipping ones testicles into a womans arse hole
A give that bitch a wicked booney last night and got poo on my balls
by dylanconnor November 18, 2008
Top Definition
A childish term for referring to one's bottom.
I've been sitting too long. My booney hurts!
by Orange County Jimmy February 13, 2011
A resident of Boonton Township.
known for there hick like ways of living(especially the warnicks) and their great distance in between houses. Many Booneys that are of the female gender try to be a part ofmountian lakes but they just dont fit in. Booneys and Lakers have gotten along for many years and dont seem to be stopping the relationship. A Booney can also be described as a wannabe laker but that definition is ignorant. Booneys are not posers and keep representing the BT for years now.
Laker 1: dammit where are we
Laker 2: Shit we are in the Booneys!
Laker 1: keep your eyes peeled for any dear or stray Booneys around here
by YEA YEA April 04, 2005
1)A fuck tard of gigantious proportions.
2) Curb stomped
1)Mr. Booney Just fucking 2)Booney Dived all over that Booney
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