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Any human female that persists in irritating the living shit out of any other person despite repeated attempts to ditch the bitch.
I kicked that boomerang bitch to the curb and she tracked me across 12 zip codes!
by ChivalrousDickweed May 08, 2012
a bitch that just won't go away and no matter how many times u tell him/her that u don't fuckin like him/her, he/she will continue to bother u

an ex-girlfriend that acts like a boomerang no matter how many times u throw her away she keeps comming back (can also be an ex-boyfriend)

A random insult that u can call your friends or not-friends
guy 1- man I always talk shit to that dude but he never goes away
guy 2- I know he's a fuckin boomerang bitch

Shawn- I broke up with that boomerang bitch stacy a long ass time ago
Steve- yeah doesn't she still call u?

Zach- hey fag
Roman- fuck u boomerang bitch
Zach- WTF?
by Rey cmc August 10, 2008
When you tell a female something in private but it always come right back to you from another person that shouldn't know anything about that subject.
I told that boomerang bitch Tracy, about what happened last week in Vegas. Now here you are asking how that happen.

I don't fuck with boomerang bitches when it comes to my personal life.
by tw33tybyrd83 May 12, 2013