Not a toy.
Everyone started having sex! the music was just too powerful... A BOOMBOX IS NOT A TOY!!
by Mr. Casablancas July 20, 2010
an orifice of the body that makes a loud noise. this can refer to the mouth (belching), the anus (farting), or the vagina (queefing).
dude, quit playing those loud tunes out you backdoor boom box!
by charlesthedick May 16, 2009
A secret code word for 'vibrator'.
Only known by certain people in the world that have certain awesomeness and randomness!!
So what are you buying batteries for? BOOMbox of course
by January 10, 2011
When a suburban wigger cruises in front of his school during break, in his parent's minivan or compact car, with the windows roled down, attempting to blast music from the car's weak, stock, 4 speaker set-up. Thus, giving the impression he has a small boombox on the sideseat.
A-"Hey Mat, take a look at this guy."
M-"LOL, that has to be a boombox!"
by lanky number 1 December 28, 2005
a chick thats been fucked so many times everyone calls her boom box.
new kid: damn that bitch is fine!

friend: NO dude that bitch is a boom box!!!!!!
by The pusher May 04, 2006

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