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when you carry a midget over your shoulder and they sing gangsta rap while you walk down the street.
Yesterday me and my homie took the human boombox out when we walked down El Cajon Blvd.
by midgetlover123 December 13, 2011
Clenching involves you and at least 2 of your closest friends whom you have absolutely no sexual feelings towards. All three participants leave their clothes ON and squish into a twin size bed in a spooning position. Then proceed to bounce up and down/hump to the tune of "shots" by Lmfao while chanting "clench clench clench". Continue til exhaustion, then fall asleep maintaining position. Usually done when completely wasted. Often accompanied by feelings of "WTF" the next day upon reaching sobriety.
guy: did you get any last night?
guy 2: yeah, dude, I clenched these two hot roommates last night. They had ass for dayzzz.

guy: damn. sounds wild
by midgetlover123 March 20, 2012

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