The creepy men who hang out in public libraries watching free porn and stalking women.
I don't like to use that branch because it has way too many book worms.
by Nota Bene! January 26, 2009
(noun) When you're railing a chick from behind and she is doing your homework.
Yeah bro the other night I gave my girlfriend the bookworm while she was doing my calc homework.
by Professor Cock September 23, 2010
Noun: Getting a blowjob while reading.
So we were having a study party... and I ended up gettin' a bookworm.
by Young Earl February 14, 2011
cutting a hole in a book n stickin ur willy through the hole into somebodys eye
omg hogg just performed a book worm on the big fat careers officer
by raped book September 21, 2006
One who spends way too much time on facebook.
One who spends way too much time on facebook.
"Charlie has been on facebook for 2 hours now! Wow what a bookworm!"
by Nader Girgis March 20, 2008
when a guy takes his dick and puts it between a thick books pages and closes it and then proceedes on to jerk himself off by moving the book up and down and then finishes by blowing his load in the pages.
Yo i recomened after you complete the bookworm to return that book to the library you fuck.
by Ching Chong March 04, 2005

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