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Getting excited from sneaking Discordian, eccentric, alternative, controversial, pornographic or illegal books or tracts into places they would never be found. Also the act of introducing such books. Books may be brought in or donated, often hidden with other books to hide their true nature.

Popular places to place books and tracts are public libraries, jails, prisons, houses of worship, church pews, motels, hotels, book stores, public restrooms, park benches, or almost anywhere in China, Iran or Iraq.

Bookgasm was begun by the Eccentric Discordians as part of Black Iron Prison's Operation Mindfuck: Golden Apple Seed Mission or OMGASM.
I just snuck The Autobiography of Minnie Rae into the jail in Mad Dog, Texas, and OMG! I'm having a bookgasm!
by Miley Spears January 19, 2009
The feeling of intense pleasure found in and experienced through literary excellence.
Twilight was sooo good.
OMG, I know...Bookgasm!
by DoobieBuys December 12, 2008
The experience of intense pleasure when buying a new book, looking at a shiny or sparkly or just really awesome cover of a book, smelling a new book, flopping floppy paperbacks etc.
"Oh my god, this cover is so beautiful, I'm having a bookgasm!"
"I pre-ordered Mockingjay and it just arrived. I'm having a bookgasm just thinking about it."
by Suzanne Bracken October 08, 2013

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