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A term of endearment reserved for your one true love.
Danny, I love you so much, you will always be my boogerhead.
by Mr. Jensen May 08, 2008
A alternate word to use instead of cussing
Insult meaning mean person, bitch, asshole
Also spelt Booger Head
Incorrect: My dog is boogerhead, not male!
Correct: He was being such a boogerhead to me.
Incorrect: Stop boogerheading me, etc
by SakuraSaku October 26, 2007
A terrible word for a young child to say, which is worse than the expletive F bomb, according to some.
Child to Mother: You're a boogerhead.
Child to Father: F Bomb. F Bomb.
Mother to Father: Boogerhead is worse than F Bomb.
by Boogerhead07 September 20, 2010
A term used for someone who's head is so stuffed with snot that they aren't thinking clearly.
I often call my fiance a boogerhead because he says and does silly things.
by Jessica W. April 13, 2006
some one who can use boogers as lube + tgey like to punch there own dick and are capible of sucking it toand if they dont feel like doing it them self january knols can for them
derek nick jones and joe
by halo2 April 05, 2005
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