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Body doodling
I was doodling on myself in class, and my friends admired my boodle.

The teacher told me to stop boodling.
by dddddddddddddddjjjjjjjjjjdiilc October 05, 2011
A body drawing that is not permanent, done in pen or marker or anything else that will show up on your skin. Often confused with the word "tattoo". "To Boodle" is the action of boodling.
Please stop boodling!
That boodle is beast.
Like my boodle?
by What is a pseudonym??????????! October 07, 2011
a doodle on your body; non-permanent body art
hipster 1: "hey dude, check out my boodle."
hipster 2: "nice dude, i had one like that on my arm one time"
by illiginement_brown_daughter October 05, 2011
A body doodle.
Hey man, that is an awesome boodle!
Like my boodle?
Someone you care deeply for; Generally a spouse or partner.
Boodles, Your the best.
I really love you Boodles.
by Suri_100607 February 02, 2010
Money, especially counterfeit money.
Money accepted as a bribe.
Stolen goods; swag.
A crowd of people; caboodle.
Also a word scream aloud by teens because it sounds cool.
Being that people don't common know the actual definition, it is found funny.
"dude sup?"
by notinthecareofthings September 28, 2005
1)A term of endearment between two people in a relationship.
2)One who is within a state of boodledom.
3)A term used to emasculate one's boyfriend in front of his friends.
"Aw! You're such a pretty boodle!"
"Who's my little beep boop boodle bear?"
by Snuggley Muffin Boodle Bum April 30, 2007

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