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Proper Noun: A person who excels in doing nothing, thinking too deeply, and describing things in unnecessary depth. Also used to describe those who are lazy and have no ambition.
Noun: an act of supreme forgetfulness or illogical behaviour.
Verb: to hesitate for a prolonged amount of time, or to think or speak about subject far more deeply than is necessary.
Proper Noun: John is such a bood, he does nothing all day.

Noun: I forgot to call my friend for two days. It was such a bood.

Verb: John booded for several hours over whether or not he should cross the road.
by OriginASW August 01, 2008
73 48
When your in a bad mood and don't feel like saying "I'm in a bad mood." This word is for the ultimate lazy person. However if used correctly you may lol from the stupidity of it's pronunciation.
-Creds to Snudge
I'm fucken bood.
by Mr. asshead207 May 11, 2011
17 8
A variation of the pronounciation of "Bud" which refers to the bud of a cannabis plant (weed).
Nigga lets go 'nati bound and get some boods down on Vine.
by red popper February 17, 2004
32 32
A huge pair of boobs, but not too big. Just right...
Jessica Biel has a nice pair of boods
by billy bob number 2 June 09, 2007
7 13
To be in a bad mood.
My day was awful, I'm in a bood.
by Jacquie Zaluda May 14, 2007
19 25
This word looks like a penis.
Katy wants Nick's BOOD
by katyisawesome May 30, 2005
53 60
The street name for a 'bucket' of cannabis resin (also known as rocky).
Bob: Do you want me to pull you a bood?
by JessicaMay October 10, 2010
7 15