Your girlfriend or just your booty for the night
That girl is my boochie
by NIUgirl November 03, 2008
adj. Bad
Bucci is to bad as Gucci is to good.

Did you see that car cut me off...that was boochie.
by RhondaFreda April 02, 2007
Baller. Good in a particular sport.
I'm Boochie on the court. I can't be faded.
by The Gooch (DPH) July 10, 2008
A large black vagina, common place to yell out when an enormous black girl is walking by
"Man i bet ya she's got a stank ass boochie!"
by The Warden42 November 30, 2009
boochie means nasty or stupid; it could also mean out of order. I used this word accidently when i was singing a specific song
why do those guys have to act so boochie
by tye b. April 22, 2009
Mix between the butt hole and coochie.
-Is he eating her butt or her coochie?
-Naw, neither he eatin the boochie
by DatGirlJ March 06, 2009
A disturbing young creature who loves chicken caserole alittle too much. Heavily active in the world of smurf love.
Boochie talked about his tuna caserole during gym class.
by Jesus Sanchez October 09, 2004

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