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The intentional or inadvertant use of a phrase that has multiple meanings, one of more or which is related to boobs or breasts.
Lady in checkout line: "Dang, that sale on Spaghetti-os was too good to pass up!"

Bag-boy: "those are really big cans... Of spaghetti-os I meant. Can I carry them out to your car for you?"

she replies "Was that a boob-lon-tondra?"
#boobs #double-entendre #breasts #cans #spaghetti-os
by rocketcitymama July 30, 2011
To have messed up or made a mistake.
Andy: Crap, I boob-lon-tondred again!

Jack: Where'd you boob-lon-tondra now?

Andy: I boob-lon-tondred with this pipe bomb. We'll be dead within a matter of seconds.

Jack: That's one hell of a boob-lon-tondra.
#mistake #accident #mess up #cock up #fuck up
by Chenandler Bong October 21, 2007
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