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when a female and male rub together in the nude and a suction occurs, causing a farting noise.
"Dude, last night, i was getting all hot and heavy with that girl sophie and her boobs totally farted"

"no way, gross"

"naw, man. the boob fart was hot"
by Asdnfalsjnfdjasfdsdfsdf June 07, 2007
The sound made during intercourse, in which air is trapped between the chests of the people rubbing together and, when expelled, produced a fart-like sound
during a moment of passion, i couldn't help but break out into giggles as we made a tremendous boobfart
by Slowww_like_honey January 16, 2007
When a partner blows a raspberry in between the others breasts.
Please do boobfarts, I want cheering up!
by Pharia December 27, 2008
When a girls boobs rub together and make a fart noise
"Hey Darlene, I just heard your boob fart
by Lordy Gravy April 29, 2006
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