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the act shooting your man goo on a woman's face followed by slapping her face with your empty gun. Similar to the classic pearl necklace, but more specific targets (nose, mouth, eyes, hair)
I knew she was into boococky when she told me to shoot it on her face!
by Douche Bag Bob October 22, 2003
when many guys all at once bust one out on a girls face.
asians like to play the game boococky all the time.
by rapeurmomhard69 January 20, 2010
Is putting your penis in someones mouth while they're asleep and then waking them up. Results of boococky is the victim being cocky about tasting cock.
Bin: Last night while I was sleeping Zack gave me a boococky. I woke up with his penis in my mouth. It was like breakfast in bed.

Zack: Yea, you like that don't you bitch.
by FuckABCs December 16, 2009
two(male) hick best friends who enjoy chewing spearmint skoal while making out in a black ford pick up truck.
mike and rich went outside to boococky together.
by xxgooglexox February 27, 2011
the mating call of the humans
walking down the street i yelled boococky and found my man
by barbie666 February 23, 2007

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