My hubby OWN... He's my everything and everyone will know this is what he is to me amongst being my love! He is the most loving, kind, intelligent, well rounded individual... He tends to stunt motorbikes and claim his wheelies are gahbage, but I beg to differ! He is also a master minded genius who knows everything from mechanics to computers and beyond... He is simply amazing and wonderful and I am a lucky lady to have him!
I love my BooBear with all my heart!

BooBear is the best!!

BooBear and I are going to hit the spot!!

I am a lucky woman having my BooBear!
by Lady OWN September 23, 2012
Top Definition
The definition of the one girl you want to be with for the rest of your life. She is beautiful, funny, sexy, and just pure. amazingness. She gives you a sense of security that is undeniable. In other words she is the One.
For a BooBear to be complete she needs a BooSkie.
by itsa BooSkie October 30, 2009
Louis Tomlinson
Tanks Boo Bear
by ADirectioner January 14, 2012
A boo bear is someone that you will love forever... Like a soulmate. A boo bear is someone who just "gets" you.
I just wanna squeeze my boo bear to pieces!!! : )
by Lucaskane June 05, 2009
Boo bears are bitter sweet creatures. At times they cuddle and other times they growl. Boo bears have an evil side... at night they scratch and bite and try to choke you out. That could be a good thing if your in to that stuff :) Morning time is best cause they sleep late and wimper in there sleep...It is kind of cute. Never piss a Boo bear off. This could prove disaterous. you have now been warned
I love my Boo bear cause she is a freak
by 1wz2mny May 02, 2009
Baseball fans, particular of the Chicago Cubs, who boo their own players.
Ryne Sandberg struck out, and look out folks, the Boo Bears have come out.
by Stargoat September 11, 2010
A nickname for a person usually who you love alot. They're sort of like a best friend. Excecpt better. You'll always want to be around them. and never stop thinking about them. they're also great in bed! They're also someone who's extremely pretty but has low self-esteem.
Boo Bear is so cutee!
by I loverrrr. March 01, 2009
pet name; a word used to express love and affection
I will Love my Boo Bear Ramero forever and always <3
by Nessa Ramos April 09, 2006

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