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A "Boo" is a racist term for an African-American. This has two possible origins:

1. An sort of pun created from another racist name for black people: "spook".


2. An abbreviation of another racist term for blacks: "jig-a-boo".
Racist #1: "Damn, Tony did you see the lips on that boo?"

Racist #2: "Yeah, that spook had lips so big his head tipped forward".

Racist #1: Yeah, it was as long as a mule's lip from his ear down!"

Racist #2: "He was dark, too!"

Racist #1: "No kidding! That boo was so black he was almost purple!"
by Juderunner July 26, 2008
19 45
1. Boyfriend or girlfriend
2. Word used to scare people
1. Can you handle me? If you can't you ain't gonna be my boo.

2. Guy: BOO!
Guy 2: Holy sh*t!
by Antony June 08, 2004
16121 6222
boo is a term that is derived from the French word "beau" meaning beautiful. In 18th century England it meant an admirer, usually male. It made it's way into Afro-Caribean language perhaps through the French colonisation of some Caribean islands.

Now meaning girl or boyfriend
"this is what I'm saying boo, it's all about you"
by juicy February 14, 2004
7105 3768
pet name: your hunny,sweety,baby.
I love you boo.
by holly March 19, 2003
4012 3121
1) Boyfriend or girlfriend. Term of endearment.

2) A loud, abrupt yell, meant to frighten someone.

3) A sound made to indicate disapproval, the opposite of "yay."
1- Some Guy: "Hey boo."

2- Ghost: "BOOO!"

3- Unhappy Audience: "Booooooo...."
by Larr February 14, 2008
1758 1333
significant other, girlfriend,boyfriend,really close friend
hey baby boo
by this is rap ill m itch April 11, 2003
2946 2615
1: An affectionate name for someone you love.

2: Something that a ghost says.

3: The short version of my cat's name, Boo-Boo.

1: I like cuddling with my boo.

2: BOO!

3. "Boo, get out of the dishwasher!"
by Loki August 24, 2003
2617 2384
A term of endearment, like baby.
"I'll be in here, boo" -- Method Man (You're all I need 1994).
by VAKI5 September 14, 2003
1953 1721