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To play with your genitals.
"Eilidh bongled her genitals" xD
by YerMaw February 25, 2008
41 16
Awesome, cool, pimpin, stellar, rad
Oh my gosh that purse is so bongles!
by SammieSacredYEAHYEAH August 23, 2009
5 5
To be under the influence of intoxicants, and not able to think properly
Im tired and had a few cold ones, I cant think im all bongled up right now
by Aceofbase April 04, 2007
11 13
A penis that is semi erect. The motion that penis makes whhen the owner moves.
"Ron Jeremy turned around and knocked a cameraman out with his bongle"
by Pxyzyzygy December 07, 2004
7 21