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Someone who has an abnormally large nose, and believes it is a gift from God.
Hayley: Dude, your nose is huge. You're such a Bongal.

Sarah: I know, I thank God everyday for my nose.
by Haylesbanana January 08, 2009
To retroactively invent a meaning for a word to build some buzz for a lame project that is bound to fail. Astroturf roots promotion.
"Mr Gates wants a volunteer to bongal the Zune brandname on the Internet, so it looks like people say it when mean 'cool', any takers?"
by DazFM December 03, 2009
To chat to friends over the internet, telephone or text message.
James: Give me a bongal later on.

Peter: No probs.
by Olijay September 20, 2009

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