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The watery backsplash from a small bong, or one which is overfilled, that hits your lips when inhaling vigorously.
Let's smoke out of my bong, its bigger than yours and I don't have to worry about bong kisses....
by samazon September 20, 2012
The idea of getting a hit from someone who just took one without mouthing the bong. Possibly an act of kissing someone you like by getting a hit.
He was cute, he took a hit i walked over and asked for a bong kiss.
by GfAaNiJrAy July 29, 2007
when starting weed nearly everyone gets one, even long time smokers get one occassionly, it feels like your going to coff up a lung. you just keep coughing and coughing.water or milk are a good way to try calm it down slightly , this usually last for about 5 painfull minutes.
sitting there smoking your weed at the park, then ya get a bong kiss, were the fucks the water your mate says sorry dude theres no taps around your just gonna have to wait it out.haha
by theyll no who August 01, 2006
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