This occurs when a rookie bong user proceeds to wrap their lips over the top of a bong as if they were about to perform fellatio. Witnesses usually express laughter, and disgust.
Steve to Stacey - "Hey Stacey, stop blowin the bong, it's NOT your boyfriends penis!"

Fred to Steve - "Is Stacey givin Bong Jobs again? I thought I told her not to."
by Wheeler69 March 09, 2013
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A sexual act performed on a male. The performer inserts his or her thumb into the male's anus, lights his balls with a lighter and performs oral sex. At the moment of climax of climax the performer removes their thumb quickly.
Damn! Oddjob been giving me a bong job 'n shit. I ain't ever been to amsterdam, but shit me.
by Reginaldted March 01, 2011

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