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The part of the brain that women use to control the opposite sex. They can turn it on and off at will. Science cannot fully explain this part of the female brain and as a result it has been omitted from all medical databases. Some conspiracy theorists believe this is a ploy of the conservative right wing in order to suppress the advancement of female sexuality.
Autopsy of Marilyn Monroe

Dr 1: "Let's open her brain up and see what she died of."
Dr 2: "OMG look at the size of that organ! Her Boneroblongata is HUG--"
Dr 1: "DUDE... you can't say that... it's not an officially recognized part of the female brain! No matter how massive and remarkable it is, you can't acknowledge it!"
Dr 2: "Oh sorry... *clears throat* it appears Ms. Monroe has an unremarkable brain."
Dr 1: "Good man... good man... the secret is still safe."
by blazerecu November 28, 2011
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