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an inconvenient slip of the tongue (usually when you accidentally say something perverted)
Mary - "I was trying to tell him that I really appreciate his hard work, but what came out was that I really appreciate his hard wood."

Beth - "Bitch, you pulled a real bonerism on that shit."
by Dr. Todd Fuquad PhD February 03, 2006
49 16
An extreme irrection in which the male obtainee is unable to hide, control, or releive the built up sexual tension in his penis.
Dude, I had another bonerism in Algebra today when Kelly bent over to pick up her pencil.
by Jameson February 06, 2005
43 13
Jessica Baxter
JB is a boner
by ... February 28, 2003
15 66
brittney baxter
she is a boner
by boner June 14, 2004
5 65