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Living life as if in New York/Los Angeles--with similar style and attitude
That shirt is so NYLA
by Jameson December 04, 2004
A group of immature post-high school, losers from the city of Chicopee, MA. Many of them think they are hot shit.
There goes the Chicopee Crew. Man, what a group of fags.
by Jameson February 07, 2005
An extreme irrection in which the male obtainee is unable to hide, control, or releive the built up sexual tension in his penis.
Dude, I had another bonerism in Algebra today when Kelly bent over to pick up her pencil.
by Jameson February 06, 2005
Steven Kyle Zych II and any and all of his 'friends'/associates who have never left chicopee but instead remain to take up space and waste everyone's time, as well as smoke more weed than they can afford, which doesn't turn out to be much because they all will forever remain in the lower class financially.
Wow, look at Zych and all his friends, what wastes of life, they should all go kill themselves.
by Jameson February 07, 2005
Term used to vaguely describe possible sexual fornication.
Did you get any southern friction last night?
by Jameson January 31, 2005
Referencing a want, or need for a vulumptuous buttox or 'ass'. Usually used by males to describe the attractive physical characteristic of 'booty' on the opposite sex.
Damn, that chick has some vitamin-a to spare.
by Jameson January 31, 2005
1.The child of a homosexual couple. 2.A product of anal sex, such as santorum.
1.Ken and Barry just adopted a gabie.
2.After anal sex I blasted our new born gabie in to the toilet.
by jameson January 17, 2005
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