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The act of killing your boner, whether intentional or unintentional, due to unfortunate or untimely circumstances.
Intentional Bonercide: I was getting ready to rub one out and the family came home, had to bonercide! (Thoughts of dead kitties, grandma on the toilet, mom naked)

Unintentional Bonercide: I was about to get in with this chick and she said "those sores aren't contagious". She killed it, bonercide.
by Seximess December 01, 2011
The natural hormone a released into a man's Penis causing his erection to become flaccid upon glimpsing an ugly female.
Man, Amanda and Shannon are such fucking ugly moles that they destroyed the wood I was sporting with their Bonercide.

Those bitches with their Bebop and Rocksteady Bonercide faces killed my hard on that I was just about to tune up.
by The Macarthur Cockburn May 29, 2013
An adjective/noun used to describe faeces found in someone's anus that they were not aware of, usually occurs during foreplay between male/male couples.
*John retracts his finger from Joe's anus*

John: "Yeah...maybe we should do anal another time..."
Joe: "...I've gotta drop a deuce, don't I?"
John: "Mhm. Talk about boner-cide."
by Misan July 03, 2011

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