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1.Another name for a condom
2.May be used as a name
1.I went to fuck my girlfriend when i said "wait i need a bonerbag..." she said.."what?"

person1: hey you dick, move out of the way!
person 2: no you bonerbag, im staying!
by Homedogdude September 27, 2008
The face of Representative John Boehner of Ohio, House minority leader. Due to an innate desire to use tanning booths over the years, John's skin has taken on an unusual color and leathery look. It almost looks like a leather bag of some sort, or, a bonerbag. He says his name is Boehner(bay ner), but I'm sure in school it was boner.
Look! There's John Boehner on TV. Man his face looks like a bonerbag!
by mystryman August 14, 2010
the female sex organ also known as the vagina.
he slammed his rod excrutiatingly deep into her boner bag.
by churchpw April 11, 2006
A male condom
-Hey, do you want to go get something to eat?

-- No thanks. I have to go to CVS and pick up some boner bags for my date with sally tonight.
by Osaka2002 June 05, 2015
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