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To run the fuck out of there!
To run like a crazy fucker in any one direction as fast as hell.
To go fast as fuck.
Damn! The popo came and the robber boned out of there. Then that copper boned out after him.
by gundamNIT January 14, 2003
how you feel after having sex for an extended period of time.
Lady friend: god, that was amazing. wanna do it again?
You: we were just at it for 2 and a half hours. i'm all boned out.
by iwastoodrunk March 29, 2004
Quit/Chickened out/left
by VAKI5 September 25, 2003
Rock hard boner, bigger/harder than normal, usually is one that you have trouble standing back up unless you move your junk around so nobody else will notice. Totally excited and penis goes erect. An erection of the penis.
You see some hot chick and instantly get a woody and tell your friend, "Dude, I'm all boned out, check her out!"
by The Dirty Pajerty June 21, 2009
To sell an item at or near cost.
"He's a friend, so it got boned out to him".
by JohnE October 02, 2006
what happens to you after u smoke madd joints
Big D said were all fucking boned out, ripped, twizted, stoned, goodpeople..
by COREY March 04, 2005

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