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A term that can be used by either sex to describe something that is extremely awesome or that excites them.
Person 1: "Supernatural is on tonight"

Person 2: "Oh I know! .......Bonah!"
by Swearin Sailor November 14, 2010
The erection which residents of the state of Maine, or Mainahs, get after hearing about Maine on national news. This is due to the fact that Maine is a tiny state in which nothing ever happens, so Maine is rarely mentioned at the national level. The occasional mention, due to it's rarity, will drive any true Mainah to sexual ecstasy, resulting in a bonah.
Mainah 1: Did yah hear the report about about Maine's struggling lobstah industry on CNN last night?

Mainah 2: Ayuh, it gave me a huge bonah.
by Creepybanana December 31, 2009
The way a Jew says "boner."
"I got a ragin' bonah so I jerked off on the synagogue."
by H.Carl December 18, 2006
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