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A word used to substitute other words in a sentence.
“Im just going down to the Bombo, any body want anything?”

“Clair gives good Bombo”

“What's that Bombo looking at?”

“Mate, if you don’t shut the f*ck up im going to tear you a new Bombo!”

"I Bombo you so much, will you marry me?"

"Get in the Bombo, we're going for a drive"

by Kman* February 23, 2009
25 17
The act of being really gay about an issue.
"Why are you acting so bombo?"
by Victimus July 21, 2009
6 15
straight, pimp, bomb, cool, phat
That girls ass is so bombo
by Kris July 17, 2003
19 42
An alternative to the colloquial form of nigger. Also more commonly applies to the more racist meaning.
whats that bombo up to?!
by Ilia March 21, 2005
16 54