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A Boike is someone so stupid that if you say something to their face they wont get it. By far one of the most socially rejected r-tards a school has seen. He has a voice mixture of a chipmunk and walrus yet the laugh of a hyena. Some times when he talks you just need to pimp slap him across the face for no reason. About 5'11 and skinny but a tad muscular. When he tells a story at the end of it you are so mind fucked that you have no idea what he said so yes you indeed slap him for no reason. He goes for girls out of his league and loves trying to steal yo girl. He is also a young soft hearted child but still problematic. Even though i love my schools Boike.
Boike: Hey Steven what's up?

Steven: (Slaps Boike)

Sammi: Why did Steven slap Boike?

Kevin: Cause hes a Boike
by SJAS February 07, 2014
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