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short for boffin
ur sch a boff
by mia October 25, 2003
5 36
Anal sex between two males.
Numerous false definitions appear on this website, and they should be ignored. Under no circumstance should this word be used to describe coitus between a man and a woman. Only gay guys can boff.
Bruce is going to boff Jeff.
by FreezeDaddy August 07, 2006
9 43
Noun. Awesome guy who resides in Torquay.
Entymology dictates that it originated from, "Boffin Boy" a superhero who sported purple and green glasses and fought the war against bad gramma.
-You are such a boff, Boff"
by Rob Yeo March 15, 2005
3 39
to give anal
to hax
ronnie got boffed!
by pwn0r December 08, 2002
3 40