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Descriptive word stemming from B.O. (Body Odor) coined by Sir Bryan Galvin in the mid-1990s. The adjective form of body odor used to describe something of inferior quality or appearance.
Nobody will date our ugly smelly friend, Todd; he's boed.
by FunToddy June 14, 2010
When One is Bored (Having A Lack Of Sufficeint Entertainment) One Can Describe Them Selves As Being Bo-ed (pronounced - bo ed.)
Guy 1 - duuude im so bo-ed
Guy 2 - oh shut up you bum your always bo-ed
Guy 1 - true true
by JAYLEIGHinc. February 01, 2008
Booted off. In other words, disconnected from instant messaging servers.
My friend has dial-up, so each time he uses AIM, he gets B.O'ed.
by The Rancher March 24, 2007
When someone forces you to go into their car when you don't want to.
Man his car is so small and crappy but Borey B.O'ed me
by Karlson September 10, 2006
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