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A person who typically holds themselves above others in terms of principle while half the time being a lazy uber-consumerist. Quick to say others have a small penis, they exhibit something called "reverse small dick syndrome" and feel the need to kill fun with their liberal, defensive, and fake "joe" attitude.
If they hear someone say something degrading about a woman, they'll pounce; meanwhile, they are a sexual degenerate with no standards or sexual boundaries.
Bill - "ok guys i know we're all having a great time at this party, but I think it's time to enlighten everyone on everything they've all done wrong tonight."

Mike - "Dude stop being a Bodner"
by KidsofAmerica March 29, 2014

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One who is very attracted to a boy named Brett
Look, she's such a Bodner, do you see what she's doin'?
by none of yo\\\\\\\' biz June 20, 2003