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Be sign of something: To be a particular indication of something that is about to happen.
This does not bode well for the future of the organization.
by Jafje March 31, 2007
A bode is when a man's balls are bigger than his erect penis. This can refer to a small bode, where his penis is just really small and his balls are averaged size, or a big bode where the balls are huge and the penis is normal to big sized. The word itself is a refrence to "it doesn't bode well" ie. the fact that he has a bode is not a good thing.
Look at that bode, I've never seen balls that big!
by Weasle101 July 24, 2009
verb: to bode

The act of being hungover at ones job after a night of excessive alcohol consumption. Thus under-preforming and/or accoimplishing nothing productive for an entire business day.
Dude, I am totaly bodeing today.
by Jundicator April 01, 2008
böde>thitty, because thitty is shitty!
bode was founded, and made famous by, the ramona high school JV tennis team(+chris). it means almost anything amazing.
WOW the JV tennis team is so böde, thats y they always win!
by ramona JV tennis! March 09, 2011
a person or animal whom is big and black but is a marshmellow and a pansy, but is loved very much and is uber adorable and very very hairy.

it is also a dusch bag skier
that newfoundland is a bode!

that grizzly bear wearing a grizzly belt is a bode! 0 wait no hes not, hes just tore my fucking arm off.
by heck66 March 30, 2010
A word from the novel Define "Normal." A slang term meaning cool,awesome,sweet,etc.
That chick is SO bode!
by Rejected Loser November 21, 2003
1. A hot guy.
2. "Bode Storm" - Typical name for a hot guy. Therefore one would call an attractive stranger a "Bode Storm" when commenting on his looks to friends. Must be well tanned and slightly muscular.
1. "That guy is bode."
2. "That guy looks like a Bode Storm."
by Diego June 29, 2003
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