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Awesome in every way possible. Some people would say he is bodacious, but in actuality bodacious changed it's spelling to fit him. Bodarious' are usually vastly intelligent, beyond your wildest dreams. They usually also come up with the best stories known to man kind. You do not want to argue with a Bodarious, he will most likely shit all over you... with words. Bodarious' are ALWAYS sexy, they ALWAYS have large johnsons, and they ALWAYS fuck your girlfriend.
Kevin: Bro, did you read part 2 of Bodarious' story? That shit with the Rhino was fuckin' crazzzyyyyy
Bam: Yo dawg, I'm waitin for the book on tape on tha real.

Female: I want inside Bodarious' pants sooooo bad!
Female2: Bitch please, I can tell you from experience that you won't be able to handle it.
#bodacious #awesome #sexy #cool #amazing
by Bullet Tusk Roger June 22, 2011
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