A small town in Belgium
"i live in bocholt"
"OMG really? are you a farmer?"
by veronica19922105 June 26, 2006
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Town In Belgium , mostly farmers live there.
P.1 - "i live in bocholt"
p.2 - "oh you fag"
p.1 - "dude,you live in bocholt"
p.2 - "dude..."
p.2 - "yeah.."
p.1 - "im such a fag"
p.2 - "yeah.."
p.1 - "do you farm?"
p.2 - "fuck yeah dude"
p.1 - "sweet dude , me too!"
p.2 - "duuude"
p.1 - "tottaly."
p.2 - "we rock"
p.1 - "yeah"
by 1Blink8Me2 June 28, 2006

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