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Jodism is a religion

jodism ; is kinda like being a hippy , dont give a shit for anyone else unless they give a shit about you , you respect people who respect you . weed and stuff is okay , but cocaine and speed and the stronger drugs arent but tbh , if you wanna go ahead and kill yourself , feel free . also , dont judge people untill youve spent atleast 5 seconds with them, 5 second rule is always a must . you have to live life to the full . and be totally honest with people and basicly fuck rules within reason . and have fun
alcohol is allowed
stealing if okay too
murder and rape shit isnt okay thou
Dude are you catholic?
Nah fuck that shit im a jodist
ooo hows life?
awesome & yours?
sucks , god is suck an ass and he made adam fuck his own kids
join me in jodism then its much better
by veronica19922105 August 30, 2006
A small town in Belgium
"i live in bocholt"
"OMG really? are you a farmer?"
by veronica19922105 June 26, 2006

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