Originated by PAUL and ALEXIS. Derived from the term "bo-bo" (pronounced boe-boe). In relation with the term to proclaim how terrible something is, "boo" (i.e. when a crowd boo's a player they don't like/ a comedian who isn't funny). Used to expressed a feeling of "wow your an idiot!"

Bobonian Bo-Bo-Nee-AN

1. A person who is lame or extremely awkward
2. A person who who is not up do date with events
3. A slow idiot

However, it can be used as a term of love. In a jokingly, playful manner some can be "cute" with the word.
Its 108 Degrees outside and your wearing a turtle-neck, a long sleeve, a black sweatshirt, AND jeans. You fuckin BOBONIAN

Why would you say something stupid like that??? You BOBONIAN

Alexis thinks Paul is a BOBONIAN
by ..Peezy L.. November 28, 2007
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