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(adj.) Used to describe someone who has achieved the highest level of seftness possible.
(n.) Someone who never goes anywhere, but only stops by.
(n.) Someone who refuses to attend a cockfest, since he is constantly in the company of fine women.
(n.) Someone who claims to be at a party.
Brian: Look at me, im soooooooooooooooooooooo seft mannn
Michael: yes you are such a bobli.

Michael: Hey Brian, are you gonna come over my house later?
Brian: I dont know, I might stop by.
Michael: Ok bobli.

Michael: Dude come watch the hangover with us.
Brian: No mannnnn, i dont wanna have a cockfest.
Michael: Dude dont be such a bobli.

Michael: Brian, what are you doing tonight?
Bobli: Im going to this intense party man.
Michael: Your cousins bar mitzvah?
Bobli: No man............maybe..........yes.....man imma deck you.
Michael: Wow bobli.
by Briansmom February 06, 2010
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